[tor-project] UX team monthly meeting notes, Feb 22nd


Thanks to everyone who made it to today’s UX Team meeting! We’re looking forward to seeing you all again in a week’s time on March 1st.

Here are the minutes:


Today we shared an update on our progress with various projects across the team, chatted about stickers, discussed the addition of a “Research” tag to the forum for future user surveys, and considered the potential impact pasting large numbers of bridge lines has on Tor’s bootstrapping speed.

== User Experience Team Meeting ==

UX Team meetings happen every Tuesday at 1700 UTC in #tor-meeting on OFTC.

Here are the logs from our last meeting on February 22nd:

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Tuesday February 22nd 17:00 UTC

== What projects are we working on? ==

S9 - Usability and Community Intervention on Support for Democracy and Human Rights

S30 - Empowering Communities in the Global South to Bypass Censorship

S96 – Rapid Expansion of Access to the Uncensored Internet through Tor in China, Hong Kong, & Tibet

S101 - Tor VPN Client for Android

== Announcements ==

== Agenda ==

  1. Announcements
  2. Weekly planning
  3. Check-in with user support

== Weekly planning ==

Note: Please highlight anything you’d like to discuss below in bold


Last week (actual):

  • Dev support for S96 (torconnect)
  • Discussed process for selecting alpha features to go into stable for Tor Browser
  • Reviewed & fed back on the call for participation for S101 (VPN)
  • Finished the tor-qa survey
  • Quarterly meetings with sponsors
  • afk on Friday

This week (planned):

  • afk on Monday
  • Test and feed back on the most recent build for S96 (torconnect)
  • Start work on additional designs for S96 (torconnect)
  • Launch & distribute the tor-qa survey
  • Chase feedback for user stories for S101 (VPN)
  • Continue breadboards for S101 (VPN)
  • More quarterly meetings with sponsors

On ice:

  • Review everything currently assigned to me under “Needs Review”, including the UX Research report template


Last week (actual):

  • S9 survey to find human rights defenders’ challenges and needs. Status: creating questionnaire on limesurvey in spanish and english, trying to make it look better, sharing with S9 partners.
  • S30 call for participation is live! Sharing with communities in Brazil and Mexico, and planning User Research (both for Tor and Orbot)
  • S101 interviews planning. Status: creating the questionnaire on Limesurvey.
  • S96: starting to research/plan our next activities

This week (planned):

  • Recruit more participants for VPN interviews (S101)
  • Plan and test a card sorting structure for VPN features survey (S101)
  • Work on the User Research primer
  • Meet and discuss User Reserch activities for the upcoming digital autodefense cicle of activities (S30)


Last week (actual):

  • Further exploration of icon concepting
  • NYT new member renewal graphic
  • Onion sticker re-design sketching
  • Edits to partner logos for trainings page (Gus)
  • SVG icon test for localization (Emmapeel)
  • Started gathering similar org annual reports for research/inspiration

This week (planned):

  • continued sketching/exploration of glyphs
  • continue research for Comms 22 vis direction

== Open Call for User Research ==

Find out how to contribute to the UX team:

Thanks everyone!

Duncan Larsen-Russell
Product Manager & UX Team Lead