[tor-project] UX team meeting notes, April 19th


Thanks to everyone who made it to today’s UX Team meeting too! We’re looking forward to seeing you all again in a week’s time.

Here are the minutes:


Today we discussed the timings of updating the Tor Browser user manual ahead of Tor Browser 11.5 release, which we’re planning on bundling into the browser.


== User Experience Team Meeting ==

UX Team meetings happen every Tuesday at 1600 UTC in #tor-meeting on OFTC.

Here are the logs from our meeting on April 12th:

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Tuesday April 19th @ 16:00 UTC

== What projects are we working on? ==

S9 - Usability and Community Intervention on Support for Democracy and Human Rights

S30 - Empowering Communities in the Global South to Bypass Censorship

S96 – Rapid Expansion of Access to the Uncensored Internet through Tor in China, Hong Kong, & Tibet

S101 - Tor VPN Client for Android

S123 - Tor Secure Access Package for USAGM

== Announcements ==

Nothing this week!

== Agenda ==

Evergreen items:

  1. Announcements :mega:
  2. Weekly planning :date:
  3. Check-in with user support :speech_balloon:

Discussion items for this week only:

  1. Update Tor Browser User Manual with TB 11.5 release

Championquizzer: i’d also stress that we will have to keep a good time margin for l10n
Richard: we should hash out some details in the release meeting re how this is actually getting integrated into tor-browser and the build system

Deadline for changes to make the bundling: TBC, donuts will discuss with applications in our next release meeting

== Weekly planning ==

Note: Please highlight anything you’d like to discuss below in bold


Last week (actual):

  • Split the newest designs in tor-browser#40773 into new tickets for implementation
  • Tested new connection features in 11.5a9 and posted feedback in applications/tor-browser#40887
  • Began working on the next steps for tor-qa in applications/team#6
  • Quarterly reports for funders

This week (planned):

  • Combine, dedupe and finalize the two bridge-moji shortlists in applications/tor-browser#40860
  • Add Tor Browser to the Internews UX Forum website
  • Design mockup for the bundled tb-manual in applications/tor-browser#40885
  • Produce outline for tor-qa recruitment campaign in applications/team#6
  • Start thinking about social previews/teasers for Tor Browser 11.5
  • Maybe look at Snowflake landing page redesign in pluggable-transports/snowflake#40125
  • Catch up on O1 activities for S101
  • More quarterly reports for funders


Last week (actual):

This week (planned):

  • meet and review s9 ToR today
  • transcribe and translate today’s usability testing (s30)
  • schedule more 2 usability testing for connect assist
  • final analysis for these usability testing ^
  • review s30 report
  • translate orbot’s usability testing and survey (from portuguese to EN)
  • finish survey analysis (s30)
  • prepare s9 presentation for latam tor meetup
  • schedule meeting with sweetcurator to review script interview
  • catch up on s101

Need help: review card sorting survey based on job stories (s101)
Near future: hope to start scheduling s101 interviewees mid-next-week with sweetcurator


Last week (actual):

  • afk most of thurs + fri
  • USAGM:QA with Kez
  • Revise donate page header images
  • Revise monoprint onion sticker design
  • Dropping in content for Annual Report, beginning layout and design

This week (planned):

  • USAGM: Design QA with kez
  • Annual report: Continue dropping in content as it becomes available; continue layout and design, plan graphics and illustrations
  • Artwork for Network Health blog post
  • Update outreach material with v3 onion address


Check-in with user support:

== Open Call for User Research ==

Find out how to contribute to the UX team:

Thanks everyone!

Duncan Larsen-Russell
Product Manager & UX Team Lead