[tor-project] User support report for April 2023

Hello everyone!

Here are updates from the user support team for last month (April,
2023). Most of our work has been around helping users in countries where
Tor is censored and some user support work in light of the new stable
Tor Browser release (Tor Browser 12.0.5).

With the release of Mullvad Browser[0], we also published some
documentation for our Support Portal[1].

Timeframe: 01 - 30 April 2023

# Frontdesk (email)

-584 RT tickets created
-428 RT tickets resolved

Most frequent tickets by numbers:

1. 158 RT tickets: Private Bridge requests from China.
2. 39 RT tickets: Circumventing censorship in Russia.
3. 21 RT tickets: Circumventing censorship in Turkmenistan.
4. 4 RT tickets: Circumventing censorship with Tor in Iran.
5. 3 RT tickets: Tor Browser doesn't run with Mandatory ASLR
on Windows (the issue is fixed with the 12.0.5 Tor Browser release)[2]

# Telegram, WhatsApp and Signal Support channel

-751 tickets resolved


-697 tickets on Telegram
-42 tickets on WhatsApp
-12 tickets on Signal

The most frequent tickets on cdr.link have been about:

1. 209 tickets: Circumventing censorship in Russia.
2. 137 tickets: Circumventing censorship in Turkmenistan.
3. 77 tickets: Circumventing censorship in Iran.
4. 39 tickets: Circumventing censorship in China.


[0]: We've Teamed Up With Mullvad VPN to Launch the Mullvad Browser | The Tor Project
[1]: Mullvad Browser | Tor Project | Support
[2]: The Tor Browser installer doesn't run with mandatory ASLR on (0xc000007b) (#40822) · Issues · The Tor Project / Applications / tor-browser-build · GitLab


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