[tor-project] Tor's Hackweek starting June 27th at 1600 UTC

Hola people!

This week we are holding Tor's hack week. We will have people coming
together to hack on several projects [0] proposed in the last few weeks.
If you have any new proposal please submit it asap [1] before Monday
1600 UTC.

So far we have 10 projects [0]. Each project has a pad [0] where you can
find more information about it, who is on the team, and where people are
going to meet during the week. All these projects will be presented on
Monday at 1600 UTC in a BBB room [2]. You can add yourself to the pad of
the team you want to collaborate with and ask any questions during the
presentation on Monday.

To summarize the presentation will be:

Monday, June 27th at 1600 UTC
ROOM: https://tor.meet.coop/gab-dpb-9zt-7tq

happy hacking!


1. https://hackweek.onionize.space/hackweek/
2. https://tor.meet.coop/gab-dpb-9zt-7tq


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