[tor-project] Tor's annual fundraising campaign launches today 💜

Hello Tor world!

Today is the launch of our annual year-end fundraising campaign. If you’ve been a Tor supporter for a while, you probably know that this is the moment we add a new message to about:tor, a banner to the torproject.org sites, and use our social channels to highlight how your support empowers people all over the world to exercise their right to privacy.

This year we’re keeping our message simple: if you value the privacy that Tor provides to yourself or to other people, please make a donation. Support from the community ensures that the Tor Project remains strong on an organizational level, and that the ecosystem of Tor services and tools continue to reach the people who need privacy online the most.

Please check out our latest campaign here: https://blog.torproject.org/2023-fundraiser-make-a-donation-to-Tor/

The newest Tor t-shirt here: https://donate.torproject.org

And spread the word!

Thank you for the ongoing support.



Al Smith (they/them)
Fundraising Director
The Tor Project

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