[tor-project] Tomorrow's All Hands Meeting - 16:00 UTC - Wednesday, November 15th

Hi everyone!

We have our Hackweek retrospective at tomorrow's All Hands meeting (Wednesday, November 15th). Each project's presenter(s) will have 5 minutes or so to talk about the work done and any next steps.

Action items:
(1) Re: projects that you worked on, presenters, please be prepared to discuss the work done and next steps, add comments about status of projects in Gitlab, and also close the issue;

(2) Re: projects that weren't picked up/worked on last week, please go ahead and close those issues in Gitlab; and lastly

(3) See the link for the Hackweek retrospective pad below. Please take a few moments to collect your thoughts about: (a) what went well with Hackweek?; (b) what didn't go so well and the challenges?; and (c) what could we try to do differently in the future? Got them gathered? Good! Now add them to the pad below :slight_smile:


If we have time after presentations, we'll go through the retrospective pad comments.

Thanks everyone! See you at the All Hands!



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