[tor-project] Tomorrow we hang out! Tor Localization Hangout from 12 UTC

Fellow translators!

Tomorrow we hangout! The topics I propose are:

- the move to weblate, how it is going, next steps
- priorities to translate, new resources and strings
- new African locales.

Also: any other topics that you want to bring!

Come over to hang out, on the #tor-l10n channel in OFTC. (you can also use Element https://element.io/ to connect: #tor-l10n:matrix.org)

At 13 UTC we make a call on Big Blue Button: Translators Hangout

If you are not a translator yet, you still have time to become one before the hangout.

What do we do in a hangout?

* Translate stuff
* Share translation tips and resources
* Complain about developers
* Talk about translation priorities
* Talk about our local contexts
* Practice bug reporting and git skills

More info: Tor Project | Monthly Localization Hangouts


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