[tor-project] Tomorrow Friday 18th, Localization hangout!

Apologies for crossposting

Fellow translators: Tomorrow we hangout!



Every 3rd Friday of the month the Tor L10n Team meets on the Localization Hangout,
from Noon UTC, on the #tor-l10n channel in OFTC and matrix

At 13 UTC we make a call on Big Blue Button.

Tomorrow we will be testing the new multilocale Tor Browser.
That's right: The same app for all locales!

The first multi-locale release of Tor Browser Alpha for desktop is out.

All supported languages are now included in a single bundle, and can be
changed without requiring additional downloads via the Language menu in
General settings.

Download: Tor Project | Download Tor Browser Alpha

What to test:

* Tor Browser Alpha should default to your system language on first launch
   if it matches a language we support (list of languages supported:
   I need Tor Browser in a language that's not English. | Tor Project | Support ).
* Changing language within about:preferences#general
* Any new bugs with localization in general.

For more information about the hangout, please see:

Note: Tor Browser Alpha is an unstable version of Tor Browser and should not
be used for activities that could put you at risk. Instead, please limit your
use of alpha to preview new features, test their performance and provide
feedback before their release.
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