[tor-project] Roger's Q2 plans

Hi folks,

I've been stretched too thin lately, and am risking further burnout
by trying to continue doing too many things. So in an effort to keep
myself more sustainable, I'm scaling back and focusing on a smaller set
of activities.

My original hope was to spend some real time thinking about
reputation-based ("Salmon"-like) bridge distribution strategies,
first because it is a good self-contained topic and second because we
have funding for it and nobody is scheduled to work on it. But funder
relationship tasks keep coming up, so my best remaining plan is to
try to balance the "funder presentation" interrupts with the "get some
uninterrupted time to think about Salmon" goal.

I've written my priorities, framed loosely as OKRs but I admit it's more
like a roadmap, on a new wiki page:

with the goal that it will be easier for other people to follow along
with what I'm up to.

For this round I am also using this list of priorities as a way to
constrain my scope: I plan to drop things that aren't on this list. That
is, I'm moving from "best effort, try to do all the things but actually
do too many of them poorly" to "by default, do not do things that aren't
on this list."

My immediate next steps are to make gitlab tickets for the upcoming tasks,
so my gitlab board will better reflect reality. I am going to spend the
rest of this week continuing to do too many things, and this weekend I
will switch gears to start the new plan. So if there is something you
still need from me, it's best to remind me about it this week.

Thank you for your understanding as I attempt this new experiment with
trying to get back to being productive while also staying sane. :slight_smile:



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