[tor-project] Rhatto's Monthly Status Report, March 2022

Hi all :slight_smile:

This is my monthly status report for February 2022.

Main activities during the period:

0. Created the Onionprobe tool for testing and monitoring Onion
聽聽聽Services: The Tor Project / Onion Services / Onionprobe 路 GitLab

聽聽聽It has basic functionality, including metrics exporting to Prometheus, but still
聽聽聽needs work to address more general use cases:
聽聽聽TODO.md 路 main 路 The Tor Project / Onion Services / Onionprobe 路 GitLab

聽聽聽A summary about what it currently does was made during the last Demo Day:
聽聽聽docs/demoday.md 路 main 路 Silvio Rhatto / Onionprobe 路 GitLab

聽聽聽Since that, Onionprobe got additional metrics and it's first refactor :slight_smile:

聽聽聽Now I'm interested to know what the community would like to have in such a tool!
聽聽聽Some special reporting output? Some auditing like Onionscan does?
聽聽聽Please let me know :slight_smile:

1. Completed the initial version of Oniongroove specs for deployment and monitoring
聽聽聽of Onion Service sites.

聽聽聽Current specification is available at
聽聽聽docs/specs.md 路 feature/specs 路 The Tor Project / Onion Services / Oniongroove 路 GitLab

聽聽聽It's is about to be reviewed and merged in the main branch:
聽聽聽Initial specs (!1) 路 Merge requests 路 The Tor Project / Onion Services / Oniongroove 路 GitLab

聽聽聽Right now the main intention with this document is to make sure we're in the right path
聽聽聽towards an automated high availability deployment/monitoring suite, making acceptable
聽聽聽choices to ease the handling of all complexities involved in hosting Onion Services.

聽聽聽So comments and suggestions would be gladly welcomed :slight_smile:

2. Started research/summarization for existing proposals on Onion Service
聽聽聽usability improvements, to be published soon. Related ticket:
聽聽聽Sign in 路 GitLab

3. Many other activities related to Sponsor 123 such as meetings,
聽聽聽plannings and support :slight_smile:


Silvio Rhatto
pronouns he/him

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