[tor-project] Rhatto's Monthly Status Report, June 2022

Hi all :slight_smile:

This is my monthly status report for June 2022.

Main activities during the period:

0. [Onionprobe] (an onion sites monitoring tool):
  * Expected HTTP status codes:
    * Per-endpoint configuration specifying a list of expected HTTP status
      codes, useful when it's expected that an endpoint returns a status other
      than 200.
    * Custom metric indicating if the status code is expected or not.

1. [Onionmine] (a wrapper for Onion Service vanity address generation):
  * Adds MINE_ONLY_IF_NO_SELECTED_KEY_EXISTS parameter, useful for batch
    generation of keys.
  * Encrypted storage support for selected candidates.

2. Created the EOTK Log parser tool an library:
   The Tor Project / Onion Services / EOTK Log Parser · GitLab

3. Worked with the Sauteed Onions proposal during the Tor Hackweek:
   Silvio Rhatto / Sauteed Week · GitLab

4. Other activities related to Sponsor 123 such as development, deployment,
   monitoring and support).

[Onionprobe]: The Tor Project / Onion Services / Onionprobe · GitLab
[Onionmine]: The Tor Project / Onion Services / Onionmine · GitLab


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