[tor-project] Rhatto's Monthly Status Report, July 2022

Hi all :slight_smile:

This is my monthly status report for July 2022.

Main activities during the period:

0. [Onion Launchpad], a landing page template to help users connect to Onion
   Services sites:

   * Helping with many enhancements and bug fixes.

   * Creation of development and build environments for Lektor using
     tools like Docker Compose and GitLab Runner.

   * Automated deployment procedures for GitLab and GitHub pages.

   You can see a live demo at
   Onion Launchpad

1. Other activities related to Sponsor 123 such as development, deployment,
   monitoring and support.

I would also like to thank both @anarcat and @georg for all their help to bring
Onionprobe into Debian: onionprobe - Debian Package Tracker

[Onion Launchpad]: The Tor Project / Onion Services / Onion Launchpad · GitLab


Silvio Rhatto
pronouns he/him