[tor-project] PSA: procmail removed from all torproject.org servers


The venerable "procmail" package will progressively be removed from all torproject.org servers over the next 6 hours.

Details on the why and the how are explained in this ticket:

... but the short version is that procmail hasn't been maintained for more than 20 years and has known security issues.

If you currently use any of the following commands in any script or program, you will need to migrate to an alternative:

  • procmail
  • mailstats
  • lockfile
  • formail

For procmail and mailstats, the alternative is generally to switch to a Sieve-compatible local delivery agent (LDA). I have deployed this on rude (rt.torproject.org) successfully. The other host using it was polyanthum, which has been cleaned up as well (tpo/tpa/team#40635). I am not aware of any other deployment of procmail, and I searched far and wide (for .procmailrc files, specifically).

As for the other alternatives, instead of lockfile(1), use flock(1). Instead of formail(1) you can use reformail(1), from the courier `maildrop` package.

If I missed anything, do let me know.

Apologies for the rushed deployment. Typically, we would do this sort of change with an advanced notice and a formal proposal, but considering the severity of the security issue, I figured it was better to act quickly, at the cost of breaking things, rather than allow what is
essentially a backdoor into our systems.



Antoine Beaupré
torproject.org system administration