[tor-project] Privacy is a human right - Tor fundraising campaign

Hello Tor world!

We have just launched the Tor Project’s annual year-end fundraising campaign! This year, our theme is simple: Privacy is a Human Right. You can see the campaign live on https://torproject.org and https://donate.torproject.org. You’ll also see campaign graphics on about:tor when you update Tor Browser.

With this campaign comes new swag and an opportunity to support Tor and its power to help people everywhere exercise their human right to privacy.

Plus, every donation to the Tor Project during this campaign will be matched, 1:1, by the Friends of Tor, up to $150,000. That means your contributions are doubled! Read more about the campaign and Friends of Tor here: Privacy is a Human Right | Tor Blog

Be on the lookout for events, giveaways, and new merch available from now until December 31. And be sure to check out https://donate.torproject.org for the new t-shirt and hoodie designs, because personally, they are some of my favorite so far.

You can help the success of our campaign by making a donation, sharing this message, or amplifying what the Tor Project’s account does on Twitter / Mastodon / Instagram / LinkedIn / Facebook. Sharing makes a huge impact!

Thanks for your support. I look forward to hearing what you think about the campaign!



Al Smith (they/them)
Fundraising Director
The Tor Project
https://www.torproject.org |

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