[tor-project] PieroV's monthly status report

Hi everyone!
This is my status report for January 2022.

I took back from the patchset reordering and Tor Browser Bundle test.
I got Richard’s feedback, thanks to which we improved the result a lot.
Now we can build Tor Browser (almost) at every commit of our patchset. Builds at two commits (around the integration of torbutton) produce a non-working browser, but this was an acceptable trade-off for us.
Please, have a look at the original issue (tor-browser#40562) and at the merge requests (tor-browser!242 and tor-browser!250) for more details.

For tests, I updated the ones that were not working anymore (tor-browser-bundle-testsuite!17) and added some issues to what we would like to fix/implement.

Then, I had some new tasks.
One was rebasing geckoview to version 96 (tor-browser#40769 and !243) and Android components to 96.0.13. The latter were not merged; aguestuser rebased them to 96.0.15, instead.
Anyway, this took me quite some time, but I learned a lot about our build system.
Also, it made me find a problem with our configuration flags for Firefox that prevented geckoview from being compiled successfully and fixed them in tor-browser!251. Eventually, this patch was also needed for Firefox 91.6.

Another big task was updating Tor settings in the (); I am close to a conclusion with it. Finally, another pair of tasks were updating obfs4proxy () and some localization strings (). If I have not forgotten anything, that is all for this month :slightly_smiling_face:. Thanks, Pier




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