[tor-project] PieroV's monthly status report

Hi everyone!
This is my status report for December 2021.

I started on December 1st as a developer on the Applications team.
Initially, I spent some time learning how the projects are organized and how to build Tor Browser.

Then, I started looking at a crash of Tor Browser on Windows (tor-browser#40721).
To do so, I found a workaround to add xul.pdb to the installer (see tor-browser-build#31546) and added what I found on the wiki page about debugging Tor Browser on Windows. We can now debug on Windows with source code rather than relying on the disassembly.
Eventually, reverting one of Mozilla's patches solved this issue, tor-browser#40698, tor-browser#40706, and we could roll tor-browser-build#40389 back.
Mozilla is investigating this problem further.

I also had a look at font problems on Ubuntu and Fedora.
It was a regression of Firefox bug #1661532, combined with a new Firefox anti-tracking feature added between versions 78 and 91.
We worked on a patch with Mozilla (Bugzilla#1745715), which solved tor-browser#40685 and tor-browser-build#40387.

My next task was reorganizing the Tor Browser patch set (tor-browser#40562).
We wanted to reorganize patches to make Tor Browser work after a small number of patches and make git bisect easier.
I proposed some changes and discussed them with GeKo and Richard. I am pushing a reorganized branch either later today or in the next few days.

Finally, my last task was looking at the automatic tests, which have been broken for a while.
They work with a manual setup of a Python 2 virtual env (as described in my comments on tor-browser-bundle-testsuite#40033).
Tor Browser 11 passes most of them. Some others need to be updated, and some just fail. Before the holidays, I was investigating the latter ones.

Thanks, and I wish you a happy new year!


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