[tor-project] PieroV's Monthly Status Report, March 2022

Hi everyone!

Here is my status report for March 2022.

This month we released several versions! 11.0.7, 11.0.9, 11.5a6, 11.5a8 for desktop, and now we have just started to prepare 11.0.10. I have helped review the rebases, and I have been the second builder for some of them.

Some of the fixes they include are partially my doing :slightly_smiling_face::

  • I have fixed a small issue that broke Onion services authentication in 11.0.6 (tor-browser#40802);
  • I have added a patch to keep the URL fragment/hash on onion-location redirects (tor-browser#34366);
  • I have completed the patch to show IPv6 addresses in the circuit display that we initially received by @illia-v from our community (tor-browser#14939).

For Android, I have tried to help with the crash we have in 11.0.8. But eventually, we started working on the update from Firefox 96 to 99.

I have rebased Geckoview (tor-browser#40857), reviewed other rebases, and helped solve some build problems (all the details are on tor-browser-build#40446).

Then, I continued with the work from the previous months. I have fixed some small details in the and pages. I also presented them at our latest demo day :partying_face:.

Yesterday I started working on the new UI to show configured bridges, and I will continue it in the first days of April.

As anticipated last month, I also continued working on the HTTPS-Everywhere replacement and the TBB tests. In particular, I have added a test to monitor our font fingerprint and make sure it does not change between versions.

Thank you all!