[tor-project] Online Tor's hackweek from June 27th to July 1st


The Tor Project and Tor community is going to be gathering online from June 27th to July 1st this year for a 5 days hackweek.

This is a call for projects for whoever wants to participate, put together a team and hack through that last week of June with us. In the context of this hackweek, a project is anything related to Tor that you can work with other people in 5 days. It could be a coding project or something to analyze data but it could also be a cartoon or anything that do not necessary requires coding skills. You will work on this project during 5 days with other people in your team. At the end we are going to have a demo in a Big Blue Button's room where your team will present the work you did through the week.

This will be the timeline for the hackweek this year:

     June 9th: Send hackweek project proposals to this portal: The Tor Project's Hackweek :: pretalx. Before hackweek begins, start looking for other people to join your team.

     Monday, June 27th: Hackweek begins. The liasions for each project will present their projects in a BBB room published that day. By this time, you should have a few members of your team already identified.

     Hack hack hack hack... in whatever way you organize yourself. We will have the room #tor in irc.oftc.net to discuss general hackweek things.

     Friday, July 1st: Hackweek ends. Each team presents the work they did in a BBB room.

We will be updating the list of projects in https://hackweek.onionize.space/hackweek/schedule/ . Each project will have one pad (you can use https://pad.riseup.net) with all information that people need to add themselves to that project.


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