[tor-project] OnionShare Desktop S96, October progress report

This is the October progress report from the OnionShare Desktop team for the S96 project.

We moved the OnionShare Desktop repository from my personal Github account to a new OnionShare GitHub organization, and created new repositories for the mobile app. The desktop team have been working in a separate "censorship" branch, and making pull requests into that branch for the work so far.

In October we:

  * Began work on the quickstart screen that is going to detect
    censorship and automatically circumvent it
  * Compiled meek-client into the package
  * Wrote code to use meek for domain-fronting requests to Moat, and
    also for the new Censorship API
  * Added Snowflake support
  * Added Moat support, so users can anonymously request bridges from
  * Split the Settings window into two separate windows, Settings and
    Tor Settings, and completely refactored the Tor Settings to look
    better and save settings in a smarter way
  * Based on UX feedback, turned the Settings and Tor Settings windows
    into tabs, instead of windows

Here's a video that shows off a lot of the new stuff: OnionShare Desktop S96, October progress - YouTube

Here are the open issues we currently have for this project: Issues · onionshare/onionshare · GitHub