[tor-project] Nina's Monthly Status Report, March 2022

Hi, this is my March Report.

Overall, I resolved 2041 user support tickets in March: 518 requests
were answered by email, and 1523 using Telegram.

Most of the requests were bridge requests from the users in Russia and
troubleshooting around that. There are also many questions on how to
download the Tor Browser as the main domain of the Tor Project is
blocked in Russia. There were also several cases of the Android App bug
and a growing amount of requests about using bridges in Tails.

I've summarized my experience of using cdr.link for tech support:

I also did some translations for the forums to help Russian-speaking
users to stay in touch with our latest news and updates:

This month I also added one more support template article in Russian
with the basic information on software signature. I got several
questions from the users about it and see a growing tendency to download
software from unsafe sources.



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