[tor-project] Nina's Monthly Status Report, June 2022

Hi, everyone,

This is my Status report for June 2022.

As usual, my focus in June was on supporting Russian-speaking users of
Tor Browser on various channels: Telegram, IRC, and email.

1. User support

537 tickets were successfully resolved!

- Telegram channel (@TorProjectSupportBot): 407
- Email (frontdesk@tpo): 130

The majority of requests were censorship-related - bridges and
troubleshooting around them. But there were issues with TB not working
on Windows 10 and proxy server bug [1]

2. Migration
The migration to the new cdr.link instance happened at the end of June
[2]. I tested the new one final instance after it became our main one.

So I shared my experience of 5 months of using the cdr.link for tech
support [3], which was positive. During the discussion, a few good ideas
came up - to use the tag system from the start and to communicate with
the users that we deleted all the previous data, so they need to
re-share background info with us.

So now, this channel is published on the Tor Project website [2] and is
open to any user regardless of the language.

3. Hackweek

Taking part in Hackweek, I started to gather useful information on the
countries with a high risk of censorship events, the work I plan to


[2] retire zammad-01.torproject.net on June 27 2022 (#40592) ยท Issues ยท The Tor Project / TPA / TPA team ยท GitLab
[3] Take notes and collect metrics before the cdr.link migration (#40084) ยท Issues ยท The Tor Project / Community / Support ยท GitLab
[4] How to Report a Bug or Give Feedback | Tor Project | Support


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