[tor-project] Nina's Monthly status report for December'22

Hi! This is my status report for December 2022.

This month, I successfully resolved 799 tickets.
On Telegram (@TorProjectSupportBot) - 544
On RT (frontdesk@tpo) - 235

In December 2022, most of the requests (more than 300) came from Russia;
however, there is a growing number of tickets from Turkmenistan (around
50) where Tor Browser and Orbot are the popular ways of censorship
circumvention. And I also helped users from Iran and China.

My focus was as usual on censorship circumvention; however, there are
more questions about Tor Expert Bundle[1], I also help to navigate
through the various tor-based apps and help choose the best fit for the

In December, the Tor Project Applications team released a new version -
Tor Browser 12[2], so I took part in testing it and communicating with
users about its features.

Before TB 12 was released, @championquizzer and I finished reviewing all
the Tor user support templates. We fixed outdated information and edited
templates according to the new TB release.

I also helped in resolving an issue with RT [3].

[1] Tor Project | Download Tor
[2] New Release: Tor Browser 12.0 | The Tor Project
Gmail delivery issue on frontdesk@tpo (#41016) · Issues · The Tor Project / TPA / TPA team · GitLab


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