[tor-project] Nina's Monthly Status Report, February 2022

Hello everyone!

This is my monthly status report for February, 2022.

In February, I focused on testing support approaches via cdr.link on
Telegram. Starting the Telegram support at the end of January 2022, we
used the articles from the RT to create template answers in cdr.link. As
I have immersed myself in the specifics of the work via messenger, I
realized that this type of support needs another approach, and shorter
templates would work better. Thus, I rewrote these templates based on
platform and commons issues and added a new one on how to download Tor
Browser, as Russian users often ask about it.

I also added a new template article to deal with requests about onion
services. I also added a similar article to RT, in Russian.

For a month, I have collected experiences of support via cdr.link
channel. The summary can be seen here:

This month, since censorship became harder, we started to get more
requests on troubleshooting, as users want to be sure that Tor Browser

Overall, I solved around 1670 tickets in February:

   Telegram (Cdr.link) - 953
   RT (frontdesk) - 717

I made some Russian to English and English to Russian translations for
social media:



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