[tor-project] Nina’s Monthly Status Report, September, 2022

Hi, this is my status report for September.

This month was challenging due to the unprecedented amount of user
requests from Iran. With my colleagues, I took part in dealing with
censorship in this country, keeping up with the Russian-speaking users'

So in September, I resolved 2341 tickets:

    On Telegram (@TorProjectSupportBot) - 2020

    On RT (frontdesk@tpo) - 321

It is almost four times more than in August. These requests were mostly
from users in Iran - the country which faces the huge unrest and severe
internet censorship restrictions. Users mostly requested about using Tor
Browser and Orbot, the web-sites where they can download the apps, and
asked for bridges and settings for censorship circumvention.

However, I was still in contact with users in Turkmenistan, where the
censorship situation was worsening. I also collected feedback on
possible upcoming censorship events in Kazakhstan [1]. I also helped
users in Russian with troubleshooting, mostly related to Android issues.

Thanks to our users - I've managed to gather some info on the bug that
sometimes happens with Tor Browser for Android[2] and found some issues
with bridgeDB email distributor (bridges@tpo) not replying to users with
Gmail account[3].





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