[tor-project] Nina’s Monthly status report for March’23

Hi! This is my report for March 2023.

In that month, I resolved 527 tickets:
On Telegram (@TorProjectSupportBot) - 362
On RT (frontdesk@tpo) - 143
On WhatsApp (+447421000612) - 16
and Signal (+17787431312) - 6.

The usual requests I deal with are helping Russian-speaking users with
censorship circumvention and troubleshooting around it. This month I
worked a lot on collecting information and getting feedback from our

Among other requests are helping Windows users to install and use Tor
Browser. The main issues are:
   - Tor Browser and antivirus,
   - non-ASCII symbols in folders' names -

Another regular issue across various OS is using Tor Browser with
bridges and VPN simultaneously.

This month there were several requests regarding Tor Browser permissions
and tracking options, which are present in FireFox, but disabled in Tor


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