[tor-project] Nina’s Monthly status report for January’23

Hi! This is my report for January, 2023.

In that month, I resolved 770 tickets:

On Telegram (@TorProjectSupportBot) - 464
On RT (frontdesk@tpo) - 306

On January'23, I worked on user support, mostly but not exclusively
focusing on Russian-speaking users. The main directions of my
communication with users were:
   - Sharing bridges and troubleshooting around bridges;
   - Gathering user feedback regarding the new TB versions 12.0.1 and
   - Finding the working ways of censorship circumvention and getting
feedback on working and not working solutions.

@raya and I also started to work on the educational campaign to expand
the understanding of the Tor Browser features and use it for censorship
circumvention and avoidance of surveillance.

In January, I got several complaints from OPPO/Realme phone users [1]
with a "Proxy Server Refused Connection" error.

I've spotted a Mac-related bug [2], which fortunately does not persist
after 12.0.2 release.




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