[tor-project] Nina’s Monthly status report for February’23

Hi! This is my report for February 2023.

In that month, I resolved 554 tickets:

On Telegram (@TorProjectSupportBot) - 352
On RT (frontdesk@tpo) - 172
On WhatsApp (+447421000612) and on Signal (+17787431312) it was 20
tickets in common.

The majority of the user requests I dealt with were about bypassing
internet censorship in different countries and troubleshooting around it
- like using Tor Browser with bridges and VPN simultaneously or finding
working bridges.

During February I edited our templates for cdr.link and RT
(frontdesk@tpo) to make them more detailed and meet the users' needs and
to add information about bridge-moji.

At the very end of the month after some preparation and testing, we
added WhatsApp (+447421000612) to our support channels to reach as
maximum users as possible with the communication tools they are
comfortable with [1].

I also took part in a small-scale educational project as a translator
and content creator.

From time to time with the help of our users I spotted some
miscellaneous problems with our services like bridges.torproject.org and
our Telegram bot @getbridgesbot.



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