[tor-project] Nina’s Monthly Status Report: February 2024

Hi! Below is my February’24 report!

In February, I resolved 514 tickets:
On Telegram (@TorProjectSupportBot) - 374
On RT (frontdesk@tpo) - 120
On WhatsApp (+447421000612) - 16
and on Signal (+17787431312) - 4.

During February I have been doing regular user support activity:

  1. Helped Russian-speaking users to bypass censorship: shared bridges and assisted with using them and troubleshooting;

  2. Collected users feedback;

  3. Helped to solve issues like:

  • Orbot does not work.

  • antivirus software blocks tor.

  • wrong system time on the user’s PC.

  1. Continued following the issue with bridge requests from unusual locations, where Tor connections aren’t blocked.

I also helped with localisation activity on WebLate, checking, fixing and approving the Russian translation. Also this month I conducted a training on how to use Tor Browser.

In February, I reviewed and updated existing user support templates in Russian[2]. With the help of our users I reported this issue with @gettor_bot on Telegram[1].

[1] https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/anti-censorship/gettor-project/OnionSproutsBot/-/issues/59
[2] https://forum.torproject.org/t/tor-blocked-in-russia-how-to-circumvent-censorship/982