[tor-project] Nina’s Monthly Status Report, August 2022

Hi! This is my Monthly status report for August 2022.

This month my focus was on the support of Russian-speaking users of Tor

415 tickets were successfully resolved!

- Telegram channel (@TorProjectSupportBot): 226
- Email (frontdesk@tpo): 189

In August, we added and tested a new tech support channel - on Signal:
+1 778-743-1312 and started to inform our users about it [1].

The number of requests from Russia was lower as Connection Assist helps
to connect to Tor without requesting bridges. However, there are still
TB for Android users who need some help. So in August, we updated a post
on the TB forum with all the updates on the way to contact us and
instructions on how to connect to Tor from Russia [2].

The number of requests from Turkmenistan is getting higher. So, a lot of
time and effort in August was dedicated to censorship circumvention in
Turkmenistan [3]: looking for working solutions, testing them, and,
finally, informing users about them. I also updated the relevant
frontdesk template to keep it up to date with our findings.
@emmapeel and I found that TB for macOS is not fully translated to
Russian and submitted a bug report [4].






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