[tor-project] new BridgeDB version using rdsys


I have just deployed a new version of BridgeDB[0]. Now BridgeDB uses rdsys[0] as
backend so it has changed how bridges are managed internally, but all the user
facing pieces are (almost) the same. The distributors (email, https[1] and moat)
hasn't changed and should work as before.

If you are a bridge user you should not see any difference. The bridges you are
already using should stay working and requesting new bridges should work as

The move to rdsys implies that all the bridges might have changed their
distribution mechanism. If you are bridge operator you might see your bridge
having a different distributor mechanism in the coming hours, if you had
configured your bridge with the "BridgeDistribution" option your distribution
mechanism should not change and stay on what you configured.

There are more few more distribution mechanisms now, this is the full list:
* https. The web interface of bridgedb[0].
* moat. The API used by Tor Browser to request bridges directly from the
* email. Bridges distributed by bridges@torproject.org.
* telegram. Bridges that will be distributed by the telegram bot @GetBridgesBot.
* settings. A new API used to autoconfigure the circumvention mechanism
  depending on your geolocation.
* reserved. Bridges reserved for experiments or future needs.

People with bridges assigned to telegram and settings will not see much usage of
their bridges yet, as those are projects we are working on but will be soon in

If you notice any problems with the bridge distribution don't hesitate to open
an issue[2] or contact me.

[0] https://bridges.torproject.org
[1] The Tor Project / Anti-censorship / rdsys · GitLab
[2] Issues · The Tor Project / Anti-censorship / rdsys · GitLab


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