[tor-project] Network Team - Upcoming Releases tor.git - December 2021

Greetings everyone!

Network team will be releasing on Thursday a new Tor 0.4.6.x stable and
0.4.7.x alpha containing various fixes but nothing critical.

One important fix is the one removing DNS timeouts from the overload general
signal. You will find more details about it here:

Another thing we would like to clarify. We are way pass our usual timeline of
6 months per stable version with regards to the 0.4.7.x series. The reason is
that we've been working very hard on this new congestion control feature
(prop#324) for the network that is not only very complex but takes a long
time to test and simulate.

And thus, we made the decision to delay 0.4.7.x first stable version until
congestion control is to our standard and hopefully a wonderful thing :). The
estimate for that might not be until February if all goes well but don't take
my words for it.

In the meantime, we'll be rolling out more alphas as important bugs need to be
release. Nothing is set in stone, we regularly assess the schedule for 0.4.7.

Upcoming versions:

@network-team: It is _now_ a good time to start reviewing changes/ files:

  046: changes · release-0.4.6 · The Tor Project / Core / Tor · GitLab
  047: changes · main · The Tor Project / Core / Tor · GitLab

Last, we've asked the dirauth to recommend these versions few minutes ago.