[tor-project] Network Team - Upcoming and - February 2022


There was a problem in our release engineering flow for our last 0.4.5 and
0.4.6 releases back in December 2021.

In short, the git history was merged foward (from previous maintained
versions) but not the actual changes for specific commits! Yes this can happen
because we use `git merge -s ours` in our workflow at a very specific step in
the process which lead to this problem.

How it happened, we don't know but since this part is still done manually, it
was a human error and likely the normal merge forward was not done for some
parts and was done through the "-s ours".

Anyway, someone noticed (huge thanks!), you can track it here:

The good news is that it was only the new fallbackdir list and GeoIP updates.
And thus, these two new releases will just be about that.

Quick reminder as well that 0.3.5.x is EOL since Feb 1st and so network team
is now done maintaining that version.

Upcoming version:


We've just asked the authorities to recommend these new versions.




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