[tor-project] Monthly status report for Nina


My role is to support Tor users in Russian.

This is my status report for December 2021. I've joined 21 December

Here are the tasks I have accomplished over this period.

1. Introduction to the team.
2. Accounts registration and familiarization with the software and
application used.
3. Reading instructions, additional information and tickets closed by
the colleagues for better understanding of the problems users may face.
4. Responding to user requests. In total around 600 tickets were closed
for the period.
5. Communication with the team on dealing with user issues.
6. Adding three new RT articles in Russian:
    - How can I help you?
    - Seven-point basic troubleshooting
    - How to share your Tor Browser logs
7. Translated the new version of 'How to circumvent Tor censorship in
Russia' guide:

Kind regards,


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