[tor-project] Monthly status report for irl


This is my monthly status report for work completed in January 2022.

I have restructured the dynamic bridges such that they are now handled by unique identifiers, rather than by a numeric index. This makes it a lot easier to increase/decrease the number of bridges hosted on each provider, with targeted removal of specific bridges. Previously it was only possible to decrease the count, removing bridges according to their index.

The bridges are now being monitored for the “overload” parameter in their descriptors, so that it’s possible to see when a pool is undersupplied to meet the demand.

I now have a local dashboard for managing the bridges, making replacement easier and no longer requiring manual changes to text files with an editor. (Although any more advanced operations still require that.)

I have deployed an instance of CDR Link (https://digiresilience.org/solutions/link/) for user support. This instance is being used to evaluate the platform with a view to eventually replacing RT as the hub for user support tickets.

Throughout February, I am planning to add another cloud provider to the dynamic bridge framework and continue to monitor the deployed dynamic bridges and CDR Link instance for any maintenance that may be required.




Iain Learmonth (he/him)

SR2 Communications Limited

Phone: +44 (0)1224 900 202 | Email: irl@sr2.uk

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