[tor-project] minutes from the TPA meeting


Here's your monthly digest of TPA minutiae.

Roll call: who’s there and emergencies

First few minutes of the meeting were spent dealing with blocking
issues with office.com, which ultimately led to disabling sender
verification. See tpo/tpa/team#40627 for details.

Present: anarcat, gaba, kez, lavamind, linus.

Roadmap / OKR review

We reviewed our two roadmaps:


We didn’t do much in the TPA roadmap, unfortunately. Hopefully this
week will get us started with the bullseye upgrades, and some
initiatives have been started but it looks like we will probably not
fullfill most (let alone all) of our objectives for the roadmap inside

web OKRs

More progress was done on the web side of things:

  • donate: lektor frontend needs to be cleaned up, some of the
    settings are still set in react instead of with lektor’s
    contents.lr. Vanilla JS rewrite mostly complete, possibly enough
    that the rest can be outsourced. Still no .onion since production
    is running the react version (doesn’t run in tbb) and .onion might
    also break on the backend. We also don’t have an HTTPS certificate
    for the backend!

  • translators: good progress on this front, build time blocking on
    the i18n plugin status (TPA-RFC-16), stuck on Python 3.8 land,
    we are also going to make changes to the workflow to allow
    developers to merge MRs (but not push)

  • documentation: removed some of the old docs, dev.tpo for Q2?

The TPA-RFC-16 proposal (rewriting the lektor-i18n plugin) was
discussed a little more in depth. We will get more details about the
problems kez found with the other CMSes and a rough comparison of the
time that would be required to migrate to another CMS vs rewriting the
plugin. See tpo/web/team#28 for details.

Dashboard review

Skipped for lack of time


Skipped for lack of time

Other discussions

Skipped for lack of time

Next meeting

May 2nd, same time. We should discuss phase 3 of bullseye upgrades
next meeting, so that we can make a decision about the stickiest
problems like Icinga 2 vs Prometheus, Schleuder, Mailman, Puppet 6/7,

Metrics of the month

  • hosts in Puppet: 91, LDAP: 91, Prometheus exporters: 149
  • number of Apache servers monitored: 26, hits per second: 314
  • number of self-hosted nameservers: 6, mail servers: 8
  • pending upgrades: 1, reboots: 23
  • average load: 3.62, memory available: 4.58 TiB/5.70 TiB, running processes: 749
  • disk free/total: 29.72 TiB/85.33 TiB
  • bytes sent: 382.46 MB/s, received: 244.51 MB/s
  • planned bullseye upgrades completion date: 2025-01-30
  • GitLab tickets: 185 tickets including…
    • open: 0
    • icebox: 157
    • backlog: 12
    • next: 8
    • doing: 5
    • needs review: 1
    • needs information: 2
    • (closed: 2680)

Upgrade prediction graph lives at

Now also available as the main Grafana dashboard. Head to
https://grafana.torproject.org/, change the time period to 30 days,
and wait a while for results to render.