[tor-project] minutes from the sysadmin meeting


Here's your monthly dose of quality sysadmin updates.

Roll call: who’s there and emergencies

anarcat, gaba, kez, lavamind

Q1 prioritisation

Discuss the priorities for the remaining month, consider Q2.

Donate page, Ganeti “dal” cluster and the Discourse self-hosting are
the priorities.

Completing the bullseye upgrades and converting the installers to
bookworm would be nice, alongside pushing some proposals ahead (email,
gitolite, etc).

Dashboard review

We reviewed the dashboards like in our usual per-user check-in:

General dashboards:

Early vacation planning

We went over people’s planned holidays and things look okay, not too
much overlap. Don’t forget to ask for your holidays in advance as per
the handbook.

Metrics of the month

  • hosts in Puppet: 97, LDAP: 98, Prometheus exporters: 167
  • number of Apache servers monitored: 32, hits per second: 658
  • number of self-hosted nameservers: 6, mail servers: 9
  • pending upgrades: 0, reboots: 0
  • average load: 0.58, memory available: 5.92 TiB/7.04 TiB, running
    processes: 783
  • disk free/total: 34.43 TiB/92.96 TiB
  • bytes sent: 354.56 MB/s, received: 211.38 MB/s
  • planned bullseye upgrades completion date: 2022-12-29 (!)
  • GitLab tickets: 177 tickets including…
    • open: 1
    • icebox: 141
    • backlog: 22
    • next: 4
    • doing: 7
    • needs information: 2
    • (closed: 3070)

Upgrade prediction graph lives at:

Obviously, the planned date is incorrect. We are lagging behind on the
hard core of ~10 machines that are trickier to upgrade.