[tor-project] Marco's monthly status report, July 2022

Hi, here's my monthly status report for July 2022

Last month I got a bit too over excited about tor-browser-build!443, as it's still in the review cycle [1]. Now that [2] is merged, this entire MR has to be rebased and edited.

This month started with some more changes to tor-browser-build!443, and then more patchwork on the WebRTC issue. From the 6th to the 15th (except for the 9th) I was AFK due to external commitments. As soon I was back I started working again on the WebRTC issue, and then got very sick on the 18th. Work started again on the 26th, once again on the WebRTC issue.

Unfortunately, due to having reduced and disjoint working hours as a result of external factors, I don't feel like I accomplished everything I wanted to this month. As a result of this, next month I'll be focusing solely on the WebRTC issue and leaving tor-browser-build!443 until after that is complete.

In very early August I'm planning on having the compilation issues for WebRTC under MinGW resolved (nearly there, hopefully), and also in early August I'd like to be able to start debugging runtime errors.

All things considered, I still managed to become much more familiar with Gecko, which should be very helpful with S131 :slight_smile:


[1] Draft: Generate pluggable transport bundle on release (!443) · Merge requests · The Tor Project / Applications / tor-browser-build · GitLab
[2] Add support for building base-browser - v2 (!485) · Merge requests · The Tor Project / Applications / tor-browser-build · GitLab


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