[tor-project] Marco's Monthly Status Report, January 2023

Hi everyone,

This month I focussed on WebRTC build things for S131. I managed to
get a successful build under MSVC reasonably early on, however
swapping out the toolchain for MinGW didn't work as I'd hoped. I
then focussed on just resolving build errors locally under MinGW on
a Windows host. This displayed multiple weird errors, such as a
MinGW C++ header included a Firefox STL wrapper, which included
other STL files which assumed there was no `extern "C"` block around
it, but the original MinGW C++ header had an `extern "C" {` before
including the Firefox STL wrapper. Alongside weird errors like this
was multiple cases of `mach` not liking the MSys2 environment that
`mozilla-build` creates (failure to find tools such as touch, rm,
same as last month - this issue is scattered across multiple
makefile templates).

That's about it for this month, mainly just weird build bugs :slight_smile:



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