[tor-project] [l10n] Updates - moving to Weblate

ey there friends:

We have started the move to weblate. As Tor Project maintains
lots of translations, we will take a bit on moving all the projects.

For the moment you can already translate some resources in weblate, our project is:

Slowly I will remove the projects in transifex.

The repository at The Tor Project / Translation · GitLab will still be
holding the translations for your branches, although there is going to be only one
branch for each project.

Please make sure you are using that repository, and NOT
translation - Translations, one branch per project - https://git.torproject.org/translation.git/
which is being moved.

There were some issues with the way weblate deals with the translation formats,
especially JSON files. Let me know if you have any trouble, as I may be able to
configure weblate better to suit your needs.

You can report any problems by using the 'Weblate Migration' label in gitlab, or
you can also contact me.

If you want to follow the saga of the move you can see our bugtracker:

And of course let me know if you have any issues in weblate. With your comments I mean to
improve Localization for developers · Wiki · The Tor Project / Community / L10n · GitLab
while I update it for weblate as well.



P/S: if you are a reviewer in transifex, let me know when you open an account in weblate
so i can give you reviewer status.