[tor-project] gitolite email hook replacement


As part of the procmail retirement I announce on March 1st, the email
notification hook used by the old Gitolite server to notify users of new
patches started breaking in odd and unpredictable ways:

I have tried to fix this by deploying `reformail` as a `formail`
replacement, but that ultimately failed as well. In the end, I deployed
a newer mailing hook called "git-multimail":

After a brief test period inside TPA, all repositories have been
switched over to the new hook today. You might notice a different email
template. It's also possible you receive more email than before.

If there's any significant problem with the new hook, do let us know in
the usual place:

There is no clear list of changes since the last hook, because the hook
we were using was an in-house version with no corresponding upstream
version. That said, it was fairly similar to the defunct
`post-receive-email` hook, and there *is* a list of differences between
git-multimail and that, which you can read here:

That's about it, thank you for your attention and have a nice day,



Antoine Beaupré
torproject.org system administration