[tor-project] Community Team meeting notes - June 13 2022


Here are our meeting logs:


And our meeting notes:

Next meeting: Tuesday, Jun 21, 2022 - 1400 UTC



  • Next community team meeting
    → June 21, 1400 UTC meeting on Tue because of the holiday
    → June 27 - hackweek - no meeting
    → July 5th, 1400 UTC meeting on Tue because of the holiday

  • (update) cdr.link migration:

    • new instance till the end of this month, and includes onboarding
      for more people on the team.
    • good opportunity to learn how it works.
  • Training in EA:

    • as we aren’t travelling, we launched a call for Tor trainings in
      last Tor Meetup in the region.
    • we received 10 proposals, approved 9 or 8
    • trainings will happen in tanzania, uganda and kenya this month and
      early july.
    • the majority of the trainings will be in person, some remote.
    • pad with all the topics that we want to discuss with the partners:
      Riseup Pad



Last week:

- support i18n of OnionSproutsBot - answer questions, give
  suggestions, more screenshots, more instructions in context
- digest translators input in transifex
- s123 translations - keep verifying new langs
- tor browser alpha - l10n and docs

This week:
    - documentation
    - s123
    - tor browser alpha - l10n and docs
Help with:
     - let me know if you would like to review strings for your


Last week:
- Contact cdr.link and start the migration:
    - Review trainings proposals in EA:
    - Organize the training material with AWJ:
- S30 Brazil plans with Tails/Sajolida
- Work on the sysadmin 101 post-training form
- team 1:1s
- Sponsor96, sponsor123 and Sponsor9 meeting
- Announced the Tor relay operator meetup:
- Worked with rhatto on the sponsor123 landing page deployment

This week:

    - Share the sysadmin 101 post-training form
    - Follow up on EA trainings with nah and raya
    - More S30 planning
    - team 1:1s
    - working on the tor meetup agenda with geko:
    - sponsor123 meeting
    - Create a merge request for the Telegram verification:


Last week:
- user support on RT, Forum, etc.
- added info about HTTPS-Only mode and Bridge-moji to the TB Manual
   ticket: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/manual/-/issues/119
   preview: https://championquizzer.pages.torproject.net/manual/

- sync with Gus
- discussed the monthly user support report with UX team
- filed

This week:

   - draft a forum post for TB 11.5 testing (pending blog post)
   - sync with the UX team
   - monthly L10n hangout on Friday


Last week:
- EA meetup and training proposal follow ups
- S123 coordination
- RightsCon panel

This week:
    - S123 coordination
    - EA training proposal 1:1s and follow ups
    - Review and prepare for AWJ training interpretation
    - Submit hackweek proposals
    - Complete material on internet shutdowns mitigation with Tor
    - Start drafting training guides
Help with:
     - Something you need help with.


Last week:
    - Test Bypass Censorship Dashboard:
      https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/onion-services/onion-support/-/issues/95 (Sponsor 123)
    - Deployments and fixes for Sponsor 123
This week:
    - Landing Page deployment for Sponsor 123
    - Maintenance for Sponsor 123 EOTK and Onionprobe instances
    - Submit Hackweek proposal(s):


Last week:
- User support on cdr.link and RT.
- Participating in running tests on TB availability
- 1:1 with Gus
- some help with the fonts issue in TB

This week:
    - User support.
    - Migration of cdr.link
    - Hackweek proposal