[tor-project] Community Team meeting notes - February 14 2022


Here's our meeting log:


And our meeting pad:

## Tor Community Team meeting pad

Next meeting: Monday, February 28, 2022 - 1400 UTC

Weekly meetings, every Monday at 14:00 UTC, in #tor-meeting at OFTC
(channel is logged while meetings are in progress)

## Goal of this meeting

Weekly checkin about the status of Community Team work at Tor.

## Links to Useful documents

* Tor 0.3.5.x EOL:

* Monthly l10n hangout:
* Tor Project | Monthly Localization Hangouts

* Known issues with Tor Browser :
* KNOWN ISSUES | Tor Project | Tor Browser Manual
and Tor Browser for Android:
MOBILE TOR | Tor Project | Tor Browser Manual

## Discussion

* Tor docs mirror
* Forum tags
* Disabling and archiving dead mailing lists:
    * tor-teachers Info Page
    * tor-community-team Info Page
    * global-south Info Page
* Outreachy/Gamification project updates

## Updates


    Last week:
        - Finished to contact all EOL relay operators (phew!)

    This week:
        - Following up and helping some EOL relay operators.
        - Reviewing network health fellowship with acute.
        - S96 meeting:
            - Discuss new default bridges plan:
              Ask Relay organization to run some new default bridges (#23) · Issues · The Tor Project / Community / Relays · GitLab
        - S9 meeting
        - S30 sync meeting with Tails and The Guardian Project
        - Onboarding raya, our new education coordinator
        - S123 kick-off meeting
        - Run a bridge campaign: getting bridge operators contact info
          and sending to Erin.
        - Run a bridge campaign: select 10 bridge operators.


    Last week:
      - Tor Browser 11.0.6 support work
      - All articles reviewed and updated on frontdesk

    This week:
      - Tor Browser Alpha 11.5a4 testing and support work
      - learn more about the Discourse trust levels (part of
        Evaluate the Discourse trust level to remove trusted contributors from the moderation queue (2022 Q1) (#40060) · Issues · The Tor Project / Community / Support · GitLab)


      Last week:

    - Translation previews

    - Review locales for release

    - Define list of countries/regions for the tor browser

    - Some web fixes, especially about images in previews

    This week:
        - Bug translators to maintain already published translations
        - Think and add to gitlab the weblate integration
        - document new setup
        - Friday: hangout!


      Last week:

    - Onboarding tasks:
      Onboard Silvio Rhatto (#57) · Issues · The Tor Project / Community / Team · GitLab

    - Onion Services SRE kickstart meeting:
      [tor-project] Onion Service SRE Kickstart notes and meeting minutes

    - Wrote minimailer: Silvio Rhatto / Minimailer · GitLab

    - Skeleton for the Oniongroove project:
      Silvio Rhatto / Oniongroove · GitLab

    This week:
       - Remaining onboarding tasks:
         Onboard Silvio Rhatto (#57) · Issues · The Tor Project / Community / Team · GitLab
       - S123 kick-off meeting
       - Work on Oniongroove specs (hopefully)
    Help with:

         - Suggestions/advice on Onion Services deployment.


    Last week:
    - User support via RT
    - User suppot via Telegram
    - Article translation:247 "Russian: Enquiries with anything related
      to 'Dark Web'"

    This week:
    - User support
    - Translation of the article "Law enforcement requests about Onion

    Last week:
        - Started working on mockups!!
        - Incorporated new ideas after brainstorming mockup with Gus
    This week:
        - Mockup is out (Figma link, no sign in needed)
    Next week:
        - Working on look and feel of the relays portal (high fidelity
    Help with:
        - Recruiting users for user testing low fidelity mockup


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