[tor-project] Community Team meeting notes, 2021 October 19


Here are our meeting logs:

and our meeting pad:

Tor Community Team meeting pad

Tor Community Team meeting pad

Next meeting: Monday, October 25, 2021 - 1400 UTC

Weekly meetings, every Monday at 14:00 UTC, in #tor-meeting at OFTC
(channel is logged while meetings are in progress)

Goal of this meeting

Weekly checkin about the status of Community team work at Tor.

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This week:
- What you worked on this week.
Help with:

     - Something you need help with.


Last week:
    - Answered Outreachies questions about the project
    - Sent the forum timeline proposal
    - Tor training in Brazil (S30/60) planning
This week:
    - Meeting today potential partner for a Tor training
    - Community Team OKRs presentation on Wednesday
    - YEC work
    - Talking with potential new default bridge operator
    - Privacy talk for students of statistics in Brazil (October 20,
      1830 UTC)
    - Helping some EOL relay operators to upgrade their relays
    - Tor webinar in Mombasa (October 22, 11 UTC)
    - Review Tanzania training report
    - More Tor training in Brazil (S30/60) planning with Nah
    - Sending relay op meetup invitation this week
    - Move ahead with OTF fellowship proposal
    - Help Outreachies and their proposals

Last Week:
- Backlog of tickets on rt and the current tickets
- user support on all official channels
- more analysis into spam on RT
- Tor L10n Hangout for October! (many people joined this time!
This Week:
- file a report on the spam:
improve the spam filter on the RT frontdesk (#40425) · Issues · The Tor Project / TPA / TPA team · GitLab
- moderation for forum
- Development · Boards · The Tor Project · GitLab
Needs help:
- gus, can you check my gitlab permissions on the web repo? :slight_smile: