[tor-project] Cecylia's monthly status report, October 2022

Hi everyone,

This is my status report for contract work done in October 2022.

1. Conjure development

* Completed tor-browser-build changes needed for tor browser integration of conjure on desktop and mobile (not merged yet due to usability concerns)

* wrote a guide for integrating PTs with Tor Browser builds [0]

* Small client-side fixes for storing the assets directory

2. Snowflake web extension

* Worked on fixes for website and extension translations

* Updated polling frequency to help with proxy pool shortages

* Made progress on Firefox MV3 updates

* Reviewed and merged open MRs

3. Bridge reputation system

* Wrote a plan for client-side development options

[0] Tor Browser Integration Guide for New Pluggable Transports · Wiki · The Tor Project / Anti-censorship / Team · GitLab


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