[tor-project] Are you going to 37c3 in Hamburg?

Hi folks,

A set of Tor people will be at CCC at the end of December this year,
and we are organizing what Tor activities will happen.

With luck, activities will include a maintrack talk from me on Tor and
recent censorship, and a Tor relay operator meetup organized by our
local CCC friends.

Are you part of the broader Tor community and you plan to be there? If
yes, please either note this on the gitlab ticket if it's convenient
( Tor activities at 37c3 / CCC 2023 (#40051) · Issues · The Tor Project / Community / Outreach · GitLab )
or else mail me off-list if you like. (No need to turn this mailing list
into a big 'me too' thread.)

And if you are planning some other Tor-related activity (you want
some Tor people at your assembly? you plan to talk about Tor in a talk
submission? something else?) please let us know that too if you like.

I'll plan to keep people updated as the plans emerge.



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