[tor-project] Anti-censorship team meeting notes, 2023-02-09

Hey everyone!

Here are our meeting logs:

And our meeting pad:




Next meeting: Thursday, February 16 16:00 UTC

Weekly meetings, every Thursday at 16:00 UTC, in #tor-meeting at OFTC
(channel is logged while meetings are in progress)

== Goal of this meeting ==

Weekly check-in about the status of anti-censorship work at Tor.
Coordinate collaboration between people/teams on anti-censorship at the Tor Project and Tor community.

== Links to Useful documents ==

  * Our anti-censorship roadmap:
    * Roadmap: Development · Boards · Anti-censorship · GitLab
  * The anti-censorship team's wiki page:
    * Home · Wiki · The Tor Project / Anti-censorship / Team · GitLab
  * Past meeting notes can be found at:
    * The tor-project Archives
  * Tickets that need reviews: from sponsors, we are working on:
    * All needs review tickets:
      * Merge requests · Anti-censorship · GitLab
    * Sponsor 28
      * must-do tickets: Sponsor 28: Reliable Anonymous Communication Evading Censors and Repressors (RACECAR) · The Tor Project · GitLab
      * possible-do tickets: Issues · The Tor Project · GitLab
    * Sponsor 96
      * Sponsor 96: Rapid Expansion of Access to the Uncensored Internet through Tor in China, Hong Kong, & Tibet · The Tor Project · GitLab
    * Sponsor 139 <-- hackerncoder, irl, joydeep, meskio, emmapeel working on it
      * Riseup Pad

== Announcements ==

  * FOCI workshop is next week (and it's free!): https://foci.community/
    * You do need to register ahead of time to get the gather.town invite link

== Discussion ==
  * Conjure is in nightly versions of Tor Browser now, an update on how it's going and the roll out plan
    * cohosh has done the work to integrate cojure into tor
    * client-side library: GitHub - refraction-networking/gotapdance: Cross-platform Golang implementation of TapDance censorship circumvention system client
    * station: GitHub - refraction-networking/conjure: Conjure Refraction Networking station code
    * the current conjure setup is having some reliability issues, maybe turbotunnel will help here

  * snowstorm
    * As The Internet Freedom Project Expands, Snowflake Becomes Snowstorm
    * https://snowstorm.net/

  * Raw probe log (with packet capture) from logcollector is available for download
    * You need a password to access it
    * The link is the 7th field in
    * recentResult_iran · main · The Tor Project / Anti-censorship / Connectivity Measurement / BridgeStatus · GitLab

== Actions ==

  * We should make a ticket for pion to cache its stun answers when possible, because right now it surprises us by asking way more stun questions than it actually needs to.
  * We might want to be able to spin up our own stun servers, on our own ip/port, for debugging. We should talk to TPA about that goal at some point (not urgent).
  * Roger will look more at Let bridge users choose to only reach their first working bridge (#40578) · Issues · The Tor Project / Core / Tor · GitLab ("only contact the first few working bridges on your bridge list") and plan to have a sense of whether it will be an easy hack or a hard one, for next week.

== Interesting links ==


== Reading group ==

  * We will discuss "" on
    * Questions to ask and goals to have:
      * What aspects of the paper are questionable?
      * Are there immediate actions we can take based on this work?
      * Are there long-term actions we can take based on this work?
      * Is there future work that we want to call out in hopes that others will pick it up?

== Updates ==

    This week:
        - What you worked on this week.
    Next week:
        - What you are planning to work on next week.
    Help with:
       - Something you need help with.

cecylia (cohosh): last updated 2023-02-09
Last week:
    - FOCI workshop prep
    - wrote more conjure documentation
    - Lox tor browser integration work in progress
        - Files · lox-integration · Cecylia Bocovich / Tor Browser · GitLab
This week:
    - Lox tor browser integration
    - continue work on conjure client-side recovery
    - FOCI workshop!
Needs help with:

dcf: 2023-02-09
  Last week:
    - tried Conjure PT in Tor Browser nightly Conjure pluggable transport for Tor ready for pre-alpha testing · Issue #124 · net4people/bbs · GitHub
    - fixed a bug in the snowflake bridge installation guide Changes · Snowflake Bridge Installation Guide · Wiki · The Tor Project / Anti-censorship / Team · GitLab
    - documented another short-term block of cdn.sstatic.net in Iran Blocking of cdn.sstatic.net by SNI in Iran, 2023-01-16 to 2023-01-24 (#115) · Issues · The Tor Project / Anti-censorship / Team · GitLab
  Next week:
    - migrate goptlib to gitlab migrate away from git.torproject.org (#86) · Issues · The Tor Project / Anti-censorship / Team · GitLab (for real)
  Help with:

meskio: 2023-02-09
   Last week:
       - deploy circumvention settings removing stun servers (rdsys-admin!12)
       - add android links to gettor (rdsys#42)
       - review changes on monit config (monit-configuration!5)
       - plan bridge scanner (onbasca) deployment in polyanthum
       - review telegram distributor fixes after a crash (rdsys!73)
   Next week:
       - integrate onbasca into rdsys to test bridge speed (rdsys#150)

Shelikhoo: 2023-02-09
   Last Week:
    - [Merge Request Awaiting] Add SOCKS5 forward proxy support to snowflake (snowflake!64)
    - [Discussion & Deployment] Rollout of Distributed Snowflake Support
    - [Coding & Deployment] Proposal: Centralized Probe Result Collector (anti-censorship/team#54)
    - [Research] HTTPT Planning Add HTTPT as a pluggable transport to Tor Browser (#1) · Issues · The Tor Project / Anti-censorship / Pluggable Transports / HTTPT · GitLab
    - Have a download link for raw vantage point packet capture files(Add password protected URL mapping for HTTPS service serving probetelemetry.torproject.org on probetelemetry-01@ for raw probe log download (#41061) · Issues · The Tor Project / TPA / TPA team · GitLab, Chunked upload support in probeobserver (!3) · Merge requests · The Tor Project / Anti-censorship / Connectivity Measurement / probeobserver · GitLab, Chunked upload fix for logcollector client (!4) · Merge requests · The Tor Project / Anti-censorship / Connectivity Measurement / logcollector · GitLab, Show raw probe log download link in the result (!3) · Merge requests · The Tor Project / Anti-censorship / Connectivity Measurement / logcollector-admin · GitLab)
   Next Week:
    - [Research] WebTunnel planning (Continue)
    - Try to find a place to host another vantage point
    onyinyang: 2023-02-09
    Last week:
        - Lox wasm bindings for Tor integration
    This week:
        - continuing with bindings for the rest of the Lox protocols
    Help with:
       - questions about best way to handle timing for freshness credentials (fresh for x time period or fresh until x time each day)
Itchy Onion: 2023-02-02
    Last week:
    - Lunar New Year break
    - Continue working on issue #40108 (standalone proxy bind specific IP)
    - Review MRs
    This week:
    - Continue working on issue #40108 (standalone proxy bind specific IP). The option to bind a specific IP in pion/wetrtc comes with a required additional option to specicfy the type of candidate. I'm investigating what to choose for our usecase.

hackerncoder: 2023-02-02
    last week:
    - Lunar New Year break
    Next week:
        - getting ooni-exporter to work with torsf (snowflake)
        - work on monitoring bridges health
        - work on "bridgetester"?

cece: 2022-12-22
    This week:
        - working on creating a dummy WhatsApp bot
    Next week:
        - My bot is not yet working as expected s? still trying to figure that out
    Help with:
       - resources

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