[tor-project] Another late hackweek entry: docs hackathon!

Hi all!
I also have a super last-minute hackweek proposal: a docs hackathon!

There's two parts to this proposal:
1) Updating our web- and wiki-based documentation where it needs to be updated, adding to it where it's incomplete, and opening tickets for changes that should be made at some point (but that we maybe don't have time/energy for right now)
2) Finding a replacement for gitlab wikis. Gitlab wikis only allow contributions from repository developers (<Sign in · GitLab), and the restrictions of the wiki are starting to become a quality-of-life issue for some teams. Ideally we'll find a replacement that fixes our issues without introducing new ones :stuck_out_tongue:

Basic familiarity with gitlab and wiki software (as an admin or user) is useful. Being able to update lektor pages is also helpful, though not required!

If you're interested in helping out, feel free to add yourself to the pad and stop by #hackweek-docshackathon-2022 on OFTC!



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