Tor node on live USB


I would like to know how one would automatically boot an TOR node from an live usb ?
Are there any “ready” Iso images available?

Hello @lobbyisten ,

There isn’t an ISO for a Tor relay unfortunetaly.

What is the goal of making a node on a live USB instead of an install on a server ?
Will you create a bridge or a middle relay ?


A lot of lower-tier off-lease/second hand hardware is sold without harddrives, and being able to boot up linux with a $7 thumb drive and run with the sole purpose of being a Tor Node can be useful in the niche edge case where one doesn’t have a hard drive laying around.

Some years ago there were two projects: tor-ramdisk and torride, but both are unmaintained and archived.

Torride: Aperçu - TORRIDE - Koumbit's Redmine

"Tor-ramdisk is a uClibc-based micro Linux distribution whose only purpose is to host a Tor server in an environment that maximizes security and privacy. "

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Tor on TAILS

Tails no longer has developer interest in developing a relay/server version of Tails.

That’s just a torrc configuration issue, isn’t it? Just run Tor on TAILS and edit torrc so you’re running a relay/server, and poke a hole for the necessary ports for Tor through the firewall.

I guess I can understand why TAILS decided to discontinue a torrc configuration for a server or relay… it reduces the threat vector, especially for those who accidentally misconfigure Tor to run as a server and don’t know it.

That doesn’t help the Tor Project itself to expand bandwidth, though.