Tor mobile cannot be started

About mobile unable to start Tor: After building a network bridge, it prompts that the control port file has not been created. How should it be solved?

Hello, are you running Tor Browser for Android? Which version?
And which bridge option have you selected?

Could you try:

  • Connect with meek-azure and see if it works.
  • If it works, then try connecting with Snowflake. If that doesn’t work, could you provide a picture of your Tor logs?

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thank you for your help. The VPN is connected. The picture is the log after selecting the bridge and connecting. What should I do next?

Looks like you’re using Orbot and not Tor Browser for Android, right?
If that’s correct, you can open your browser and check if it’s connected to Tor:

Orbot is used to route your phone apps over Tor.

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Maybe I’m too young to tell whether I downloaded Android or Orbot. But through the link you provided, it seems that I have failed.

Could you try disabling the VPN and check again (

And I’m adding these two screenshots below. Let me know which one looks like the app you installed:

Orbot screenshot

Tor Browser for Android

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I installed Tor on Google and turned off the VPN, and it still hasn’t changed. My Tor is different from the Tor you provided. The pictures of my Tor homepage are of many computers, the connection buttons are all in Chinese, and there are many Chinese instructions in the configuration.

Alright, looks like you’ve installed Tor Browser in Chinese. If you swipe right, you will see the Tor logs.

Did it connect using Snowflake?

Here’s the Tor Browser for Android manual in Chinese:

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