Tor Metrics shows bogus data


I (and others in the IRC channel) have observed that the relay status page is displaying incorrect data for some relays.

For instance, regarding my relay:

This relay appears to be less than 2 weeks old.

First Seen 2024-01-10 16:00:00 (3 days 12 hours 10 minutes and 35 seconds)

Uptime 10 days 11 hours 8 minutes and 25 seconds

This obviously does not make much sense.

The relay is actually 13 years old.

The error disappears after a while but reoccurs.

Is this issue already known in any way?


Hi, we have been having an issue with collector (Collector not updating bridges (#40038) · Issues · The Tor Project / Network Health / Metrics / Collector · GitLab) which is likely the cause. I think the issue should be fixed, but I am noticing some weird behavior on onionoo still due to delays in receiving data or having restarted the services many times.

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Same problem here.

I’ve had issues as well recently; Relay family association broken on relay search - #3 by GeKo

Yes, this is known. There were some messages about this in the relay mailing list.

Most of the stats seem to be correct now again.

Hello anong,
the same here (for serveral months), the tunnels for example…
Persistent red bubble + stats top != graphs history bottom.

Seems nothing changed at all:

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Sometimes it is displayed correctly for me, sometimes not…

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That timestamp has changed. Now it says 2024-01-29 19:00:00 which is still incorrect.

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Same message with my relay.

I think this should be fixed now. There might be some corner cases still, feel free to report them to me, gitlab (The Tor Project / Network Health / Metrics / Onionoo · GitLab) or in this thread.


It’s not fixed. My relay shows:

First Seen
2019-02-18 00:00:00 (5 years 13 days 14 hours 50 minutes and 44 seconds)

Which is incorrect. The relay is more than 12 years old.


@anong we fixed the data on onionoo from the bandwidth history. We do not have history older than 5 years so we used the oldest datapoint we had.


That is really sad…

How can the older datapoints be explained? Relay Search


Hi, it looks like my relay still displays an incorrect date. Do you mind taking a look please?

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Ola, my tunnels are red all time, months, for example this Relay Search

I want the green bubble there : )

And yes the > First Seen 2024-01-22 12:00:00 is really nonsence. I started the tunnels as soon as the project was released.

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